How to Play Sacred Gold Multiplayer (HAMACHI)

Today you are going to Learn how to play Sacred gold online using hamachi.

First: Install Sacred Gold (Make sure you are using the version 2.28)

Second: Install LogMeIn Hamachi from HERE

Next you have to EDIT 2 files on the folder from Sacred gold Settings.cfg and STEAM_Settings.cfg

Thats all. Now Open your Game and go to options

In the settings Multiplayer options Select the second option MODEM/ISDN

Now go back and Select Multiplayer -Local network. Select your Character and connect to the servers.



For create your own server Just edit the file Gameserver.cfg in the Game folder

and create a new server in the game

Go to Network Settings and open properties from hamachi

Go to Properties TCP/IPv4

And leave everything on automatic , go to advance options, just tick metrics to automatic.

Where is my ip address from hamachi?

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